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Dear WVPL Partner:

One of our mothers recently shared with us that her teenage son with autism had passed away.  Cyndy told Ms. Michelle how much Jeremy celebrated reading and enjoyed playing with the stuffed animals and Legos at the library.  As Jeremy grew older, he learned to ride his bike to the Ambler Branch to get books, movies and to watch YouTube videos on the computers.  She said he never minded if he was the only child in the library.  Cyndy expressed that the library was a very joyful part of their lives; a safe place for them to spend time together away from home. We were so moved by her story and glad that Wissahickon Valley Public Library could provide a much-needed safe haven for her and her son.

In these troubling times, many people in our community need sanctuary. Whether our patrons are looking for books to help guide them through an illness, or seeking companionship with others at our movie matinees or book groups, or searching for a retreat from the busyness of their daily lives, we want to be that place of refuge for our community.

Can you help provide that sanctuary? Your gift will help supply the health and wellness books that people need, to present engaging educational and social events that can foster friendships, and to provide the kind of staff who share little kindnesses with patrons each day, that help them cope with the challenges they are facing.

Your generous gift will help provide the books and educational programs that families like Cyndy's need. Simply check the box that matches your wishes on the enclosed envelope. If you prefer to donate online, please use the DONATE button to the right. 

Thank you for your support and consideration. Together we can continue to be a welcoming sanctuary for our community. Please donate today.

With sincere appreciation,

Anne Frank, Library Director

GuideStar Exchange Silver Participant


PS -The library has once again found a generous donor who will match up to $10,000 in new donations.  If this is your first time donating, your dollars will stretch twice as far.  Please donate today.



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We also wanted to let you know how we spent your donations last year:

Electronic Books & Magazines     $1,288
Print Books               $8,992
Educational Events $1,148
Greatest Need         $55,917 (building repairs)


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