Free Movie: Moulin Rouge

The Conshohocken Art League returns with another well-done movie in their series of artist movies.   Enjoy popcorn while watching a fascinating movie.

Set in the 1890s Paris and in its most famous landmark, the Moulin Rouge cafe, this film centers on the 19th-century French artist Henri de Toulousse-Lautrec's (Jose Ferrer) painful deformity, his miserable love life, and his attempts to drown his sorrows in drink. John Huston directs and co-writes this colorful drama, chich co-stars Harold Gasket as Moulin Rouge's proprietor and Zsa Zsa Gabor as famous chanteuse Avril.

History of the Jewish People in over 120 Lands

Vagabonds of the World: History of the Jewish People in over 120 Lands

  • Dr. Michael Michaels, Assistant Professor, Temple University School of Medicine (retired)
  • Born in Tehran, speaks and writes Farsi
  • Author of history books, medical articles and poetry
  • "well-known speaker in English and Farsi in Jewish and American-Iranian communities in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles"


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