Financial Turning Points in your Life and Career

Financial Turning Points in your Life and  Career

Marc Martinelli, MS Economics from St. Josephs University,  CFP®, and Adjunct Professor will highlight the many financial decisions you need to make throughout your life and career, pros and cons of each, when to make those decisions and what could be the outcomes.  Topics in include longevity risk, inflation, health care, market risk to name a few.

Mr. Martinelli and his family live in the Wissahickon School District where he volunteers as a coach.

Afternoon Speak: Other Means of Travel

Afternoon Speak presents Other Means of Travel by Debbie Ryan

Join Debbie Ryan from Spring House Travel as she discusses many options for unique travel experiences. Train travel throughout the World, biking and staying in bed and breakfasts in Europe, specialized walking tours in far flung countries, bus tours and more.

Location:  Lower Gwynedd Township building, 1130 N. Bethlehem Pike, Spring House (across the street from Giant)

Free Movie: Moulin Rouge

The Conshohocken Art League returns with another well-done movie in their series of artist movies.   Enjoy popcorn while watching a fascinating movie.

Set in the 1890s Paris and in its most famous landmark, the Moulin Rouge cafe, this film centers on the 19th-century French artist Henri de Toulousse-Lautrec's (Jose Ferrer) painful deformity, his miserable love life, and his attempts to drown his sorrows in drink. John Huston directs and co-writes this colorful drama, chich co-stars Harold Gasket as Moulin Rouge's proprietor and Zsa Zsa Gabor as famous chanteuse Avril.

History of the Jewish People in over 120 Lands

Vagabonds of the World: History of the Jewish People in over 120 Lands

  • Dr. Michael Michaels, Assistant Professor, Temple University School of Medicine (retired)
  • Born in Tehran, speaks and writes Farsi
  • Author of history books, medical articles and poetry
  • "well-known speaker in English and Farsi in Jewish and American-Iranian communities in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles"


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