Mad Science - Moving Motion Science Workshop

Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 4:00pm
Event location: 
Blue Bell

Students catapult into Newton’s three laws of motion! In this workshop presented by Mad Science of West NJ, students yank a cloth from under dishes and send crash dummies flying. They adjust the mass of two identical cars and learn how heavier objects need a bigger push to move in the same direction. Children drop two plastic eggs (one heavier than the other) and find out they hit the ground at the same time! They see action-reaction forces at work as a fan cart races across the room and mini-rockets launch through the air. They twirl into action with the Newton Spinner take-home. Students won't want to miss this hands on science workshop all about motion!

Ages 6-12 ~ Registration required. Sign Up here for 4 PM. ~ Summer Enrichment Class

Who should attend: