Writing for Publication

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 2:00pm
Event location: 
Blue Bell

Hands-on writing workshop with published, award-winning writer Janet Mason.

This class is about discovering what is unique about your story.  This is the most direct path to publication, and the most direct path to you! Designed both for writers who want to focus on traditional routes of  publication and for those who want to preserve their stories for posterity (via self-publishing), this class focuses on finding the unique viewpoint that you have to offer. In-class writing assignments, include exercises in mining your raw material, and creating detailed concise prose -- either fact or fiction -- that brings the reader into the immediacy of your writing.  The class also includes homework assignments in assessing the literary marketplace as to what is written on your subject and what remains to be written, and writing a book outline/proposal.  Subsequent in-class writing assignments will be based on the elements of your proposal.  Publishing memoir and novel excerpts will be covered in the class.  Also covered will be the process of finding a home for your finished work -- including information on contacting agents and small presses and self-publishing options.

Who should attend: