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OverDrive Media Console Update: May 2013

Have an iPad, iPhone Mini or iPod Touch?  

Do you read the Library's eBooks?  

The Library's audio book provider, OverDrive, updated the OverDrive Console on May 29.  

If you update your OverDrive software, new Apple security measures will mean that to continue using eBooks you need to re-authorize your Apple device with your Adobe Digital ID. This does not affect eAudio books.

If you encounter anything unusual after you update your software please see the following articles:

Why do I have to sign in with an Adobe ID after updating OverDrive Media Console for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)?

What to do if there is a ‘downloadManagerErrorDomain:403’ error when trying to download an audiobook using OverDrive Media Console for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)

For additional help send email to IT Support (