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A Reporter’s Front Row Seat to History

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - 6:00pm
Event location: 
Blue Bell

Presented by local journalist, broadcaster, author, motivational speaker Ed Eisen!



Meet some famous, some infamous people Ed Eisen interviews or represents in his 52 years on the road. Among them: a U.S. president, two popes, Saint Teresa, world boxing champ Joe Frazier, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, comic Jackie Gleason, a mass murderer, members of the Philly Mafia, the world’s first transgender woman and more.

Ed Eisen is a professional story teller. His tales are based on the famous, the infamous people he has met in his 52 years on the road working for some of the nation's top newspapers. Other tales come from his years as the first Jewish  spokesman for two popes, his involvement with the Philadelphia Mafia, a mass murderer, world boxing champ Joe Frazier,  comic Jackie Gleason, the world's first transgender woman, the man on whose life the award-winning movie, "A Beautiful Mind" was based and more. His tales  leave audiences laughing, crying, remembering, often transformed. He speaks or hosts programs on a variety of topics , many with wide audience participation, one based on a mix of what you see and hear on CNN and FOX minus the klieg lights.

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You'll laugh, cry, remember, be transformed!

Ed Eisen’s career in communications spans 52 years. He was a Freedoms Foundation recipient and an award-winning journalist at The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Bulletin. He worked as a broadcast news reporter and public relations consultant, taught broadcast news journalism at Temple University and authored a book, Soul for Sale, Confessions of a Philadelphia Spin Doctor that uncovers the dark side of public relations. Ed has worked as a volunteer ESL teacher for over two decades, founded a jobs network for immigrants, served as a reader for the blind, is a member of the board of directors of Broadcast Pioneers and books weekly speakers at the Rotary Club of Willow Grove, PA


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