Tutoring (Blue Bell)

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Blue Bell


 This tutoring program will take place on Saturdays for students in grades 3rd through 6th, beginning October 8 from 2:30pm-4:00pm.  Subjects are math and science, however, if your child needs help in other subject areas, please feel free to let us know in the sign up form.  CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE FORM


Who Will Be Tutoring?

Jessica Wang:

Jessica is a rising sophomore at Germantown Academy, located in Pennsylvania. She is a diligent student passionate about STEM, and takes all honors courses while maintaining high grades in her academic classes. Despite her school teaching biology only in junior year, Jessica has already begun to self-study advanced biology and has delved deep into the AP biology textbook: Campbell Biology. Additionally, she has recently finished completing her honors Physics course this past school year. On top of her academic endeavors, Jessica loves playing the cello and performs for the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra – the most prestigious youth orchestra in Pennsylvania and one of the world’s top youth orchestra programs. Further, Jessica has played tennis since the age of eight and plays first singles on her school's varsity tennis team and was recently awarded the Most Value Player award this past year. Jessica is extremely excited to get to know her students and inspire those around her!

Max Wu:

Max is an ambitious student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and will be attending Methacton High School as a sophomore. Max is interested in all aspects of academics, but his main passion lies in finance. He was awarded 1st in the State for the Stock Market Competition run by the SIFMA foundation, and 3rd in the State for the Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA) Computer Application category. Max is an active member in school, and is on his High School Varsity track team, and is also the co-founder of the Methacton Debate Club. Max also plays violin daily, and will be attending the Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra(PYAO) this fall. Another passion of Max's is Computer Science, where he has learned up to an AP Computer Science level, and has 5+ years of experience. Other than academic pursuits, Max likes to read, play basketball, and hang out, or play video games with his friends. Max is ready to start teaching and helping students, and is looking forward to motivating and inspiring other ambitious students!

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