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Dear WVPL Partner:

I've been reflecting on gratitude today, and I want to thank you for being the library's partner in making the lives of the people in our community better. Your gifts have made an impact in many valuable ways, including helping individuals to learn new technologies, find jobs, become more informed citizens and to connect in a meaningful way with their neighbors.

Your gift provides the community with caring staff members that spend their day helping their neighbors. Our Reference Librarian, Kate, told me a story about gratitude. She greeted a new library member who told her she couldn't find a book she was looking for. Kate gave her a quick tutorial on finding books in the library collection. The patron explained that she was going to be storytelling at her retirement community for St. Andrew's Day. Kate asked her if she wanted more information about his life as well. She was surprised, and excitedly said "Yes." Kate found her two more books on the subject and another on Scottish folk tales. The patron graciously thanked her and said, "You made me glad I moved here."  Kate felt delighted that she was able to help a new member of our community feel welcomed and assist her in her efforts to volunteer at her new home. 

You are helping people connect with the information that they need. Our Ambler Branch Manager, Annie, tells me how touched she is with the gratitude shown by patrons for the assistance that they receive. She sees this more and more when helping patrons with computer tasks, like applying for jobs, accessing paystubs online, completing vehicle registrations and many more life tasks that are now handled only online. Annie says people often come in feeling perplexed and afraid of these new digital processes. But, in the end, when the task is accomplished, they have such a sense of relief and gratitude. Which is usually followed with many thanks, and often, even hugs! Patrons ask her, "What would I do without the library?"

Thank you for helping our community and your neighbors find the information and the support they need to live their best lives.

Your gift today will help adult library users learn how to get health insurance, practice their English language skills, and find tax forms. It will also provide children with access to educational tools for early learning and reading, so that they are ready for kindergarten. Supporting the library will provide Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math classes and clubs so that children will be successful as they grow.

Will you continue to help our community learn and connect? We are asking you to donate a gift of $50 or more today. If you prefer to donate online, please use the DONATE button above. 

We are so grateful for your generosity in partnering with us.

With sincere appreciation,

Anne Frank, Library Director





Donate to the WVPL Annual Giving Campaign through PayPal.  All donations are tax deductible.

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$50 provides educational workshops for 10 adults on health and wellness
$100 provides 5 story times to 50+ children
$250 provides 25 children’s fiction and non-fiction books
$500 provides 30 adult fiction and non-fiction books

We also wanted to let you know how we spent your donations last year:

Electronic Books $975 for 24 new e-books
Print Books  $2,726 for 202 new books
Educational Events $373 for 4 adult programs
Greatest Need $56,564 towards the replacement of the original HVAC system after 24 years!


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