It's All In The Family: A presentation on the diversity and relatedness of flowering plants

We gardners are excited about and make plans to increase the diversity of plants in our gardens and landscapes. A whole new level of appreciation arises when we learn to recognize that many of the plants we grow and see growing in the wild are related to each other, as in a family. For example, alyssum, broccoli, and radishes all belong to the mustard family. Carrots, dill, and poison hemlock are related to the carrot family.

Sound Healing and Guided Meditation

Unwind and destress with our guided healing sound experience, immerse yourself in joy. Join us for this magical experience. 

Immerse yourself in the vibrations of a sound bath. Learn what a sound bath is and what its benefits are. Join us as Jaquay takes you on a journey of relaxation, rejuvenation and soul nourishment with her magical sound healing and guided meditation. No prior meditation experience required. Bring your own mat and pillow to maximize relaxation. Come relax and balance your body, mind and sprit.


Selected Writing Of George Washington

Washington's writings include his Farewell Orders (1783), his First Inaugural Address (1789), his letter to the Turo Synagogue (1790) and his Farewell Address (1796). Each was unprecedented and uique. Why did he write them? Who were his audiences? How did he speek to achieve his purposes? Was he successful? Come and explore these questions.

Presented by Russ Bellavance 

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The Sphinx That Moved To Philadelphia

The lecture tells us the story of the Penn Museum's Sphinx ( the largest sphinx in the entire Western Hemisphere ) from its discovery in Egypt at Memphis in the early 20th century, its subsequent transport to Philadelphia concluding with a behind the scenes look at the engineering and human effort involved in moving such an object, both monumental and priceless in today's world. What is a Sphinx? What did a Sphinx represent to the ancient Egyptians? How did they move it? Let's find out!

Presented by Dr. Steve