Special hours for Thanksgiving:
Wednesday, 11/23: close at 5 pm. Thanksgiving Day, 11/24 and Friday, 11/25: closed.
Both branches will reopen Saturday at 10 am for regular hours.

Tai Chi

Learn Tai Chi from Dr. Kurt Findeisen, a retired medical doctor from Philly. Tai Chi is a low impact exercise for adults that helps with balance, motor skills, and maintaining calmness throughout the mind and body.

Reduce stress
Improve your health
Feel at peace

Continuing Tai Chi:  2:30 PM This class is for students who have done Tai Chi before and would like to continue their exercises with Dr. Findeisen.
Beginning Tai Chi: 3:30 PM This class is for students who are new to Tai Chi and would like to learn the exercises.

8 weeks for $64 or $10 per session