The Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun ONLINE

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The Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun

Presented for WVPL by Dr. Stephen Phillips (Dr. Steve)

Disease? Trauma? Murder?

Most people are aware of the name the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun, or “King Tut,” due to the remarkable discovery of his nearly intact royal tomb in 1922 and the spectacular treasures it contained.

Speculation as to the cause of the young king’s early death began almost as soon as his tomb was opened. Was it due to some sort of curse? Did he die from a disease, or diseases?

Did he suffer a traumatic injury that led to his death? Or was he murdered by a rival who had jealous eyes on his throne?

This lecture will examine briefly the events surrounding the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, we will examine the recent theory that Tutankhamun was assassinated by a blow to the back of the head, and we will review what, if any, evidence points to the role that disease and/or trauma may have had in his untimely death.

Think, CSI: Ancient Egypt, and bring your deerstalker hat!

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